This is how we achieve Quality



Input logging of relevant technical specifications is done in a worksheet right in the beginning of the project. This helps WES engineers to retrieve the data instantly on one click thereby saving time as well as referring to the latest document to deliver what is required. Apart from technical specifications input data related to vendors, client and interdisciplinary requirement is logged here so that our engineers are just one click away from the data.



Similar to what comes into WES system we monitor what goes out and at what time. Here one can see the project schedule, project progress, list of pending documents, delay analysis and reasons for delay. This helps us to save our time otherwise required for customized project progress report generation. Everything related to outgoing document retrieval is just one click away.



WES with its long years of experience has written down the standard operating practices supported by standard document templates for data sheets, drawings and calculation sheets, exhaustive check lists for each and every document. It not only saves. It not only save time but it ensures that error free documents are produced by following this system.


WES with its more and more emphasis on paperless work has ensured that the server based directory structure is user friendly, easy with respect to latest document retrieval, secured and remote accessibility facility. This avoids duplication of documents, it saves retrieval time, user can see only latest document and facilitates systematic work culture.



WES delivery manager along with the respective discipline leads prepare the design guide in the beginning of the project. A deign guide is a multidiscipline document which states contract specifications important clauses and references. It states pre-bid and post bid references. WES engineers save their search time and get these references from the design guide rather than investing unexpected time in reading entire contract books.



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WES has its document controlling team who are highly experience in document management and are skilled in using all international document control software like Wrench, tBits, CoreFTP, Power Docs, eRoom, centerstage, Goldmine, Oracle ERP and many more. This team, completely support the delivery manager for project monitoring, delay alarms, MIS reports and other non-engineering works to save actual engineering hour time.